Candela3D works best for handling PV projects on complex terrain. Use Candela3D to easily create a 3D model first, and then you can design or optimize your PV project more intuitively and conveniently.

Here is a case of a PV project in complex terrain, the details are as follows.

Project details

A complex terrain located in China, designed by Candela3D.

- Rated Power: 7113.600kWp

- Number of PV module: 18240

- Type of inverter: central inverter

- Number of inverter: 6

You can download the result file of Candela3D through the link on the right and view it on your computer.

Through these files, you can intuitively understand what kind of results you can get through Candela3D.

If you want to know more cases, you can contact us directly.

3D model file(download, *.skp, open by SketchUp)

2D layout file(download,*.dwg, open by AutoCAD)

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